Form WH 385 V

Form WH 385 V— Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Veteran for Military Caregiver Leave is an FMLA form. It is filled out by employees who are requesting military caregiver leave for a veteran family member. Since this is for serious injuries and illnesses, the duration of the FMLA may be more than other situations.

Regardless of the reason for the FMLA leave though, it cannot be more than 12 weeks every year. So employees who are seeking to take care of a veteran family member for their serious injury or illness cannot take more than 12 weeks of leave.

Form WH 385 V is made up of two sections. On the Section 1 of Form WH 385 V, the employee needs to provide his or her information and the veteran. This includes the name of the employee and the veteran. The employee also needs to provide some basic information regards to the veteran such as the following.

  • Date of the veteran’s discharge
  • Whether or not the veteran is receiving medical treatment
  • Whether or not the veteran was discharged dishonorably
  • The veteran’s branch of the military

Followed with the description of the care to be provided to the veteran, the first section will be completed. Section 2 of Form WH 385 V needs to be completed by the health care provider.

In this section of Form WH 385 V, the health care provider will indicate the medical specialty, medical status of the veteran, and veteran’s need for care. Once these are filled out by the health care provider, the employee is most likely to go on FMLA leave for up to 12 weeks.

However, the estimated leave days for the employee to care for the veteran may be entered on Form WH 385 V by the health care provider. This is only optional and only provided if it can be estimated.

Get Form WH 385 V printable from the link below. The linked Form WH 385 V is online fillable and can be filled out on a computer and printed out as seen. This is perhaps the most convenient way to file Form WH 385 V.

Form WH 385 V PDF (fillable)

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