How to apply for federal service?

Working for the federal government is counted as federal service, but how do you apply for federal service? Just like any other business, the federal government constantly needs a workforce.

The federal government mostly hires new employees through This is also where you can apply for the positions that you qualify for.

To apply for federal service, you create an account at and fill in a resume. You can then apply for federal service. The best part about is you can search for jobs in a specific location.

Simply, enter the ZIP code of the area and you will see available jobs close to the area as well as customize the results to only see the jobs that is suitable for you. Here is how a typical application for federal service work:

First, you make your application in USAJOBS and the agency gets your application. Regardless of the agency you submit the application, it will be reviewed and you may be called for an interview. From there, the agency will select the right candidate(s) and give you a job offer.

As soon as the job offer is brought to you, it’s up to you to accept it and work in federal service. Having all this said, working for the federal government isn’t anything different than making a job application in the private-sector.

Go to to create a resume.

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