Paid Family Leave Act

Paid Family Leave also known as family leave insurance or family caregiver leave is one of the types of leave that is given to employees who need long-term leave to take care of sick family members or especially those who have a new child. Paid Family Leave is existing in four states where New York, New Jersey, California, and Rhode Island.

Paid Medical Leave or temporary disability insurance on the other hand, for those employees who need to leave for self-care of your own serious sicknesses. Paid Medical Leave has been available in five states where those paid family leaves as well as Hawaii.

For what reasons can workers use this policy?

Usually, Paid Family Leave act allows employees for the same reasons as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA):

  • Birth
    • Fostering
    • Adoption of a child
    • Self-care of a serious health condition
    • Caregiving for a family member due to a serious health condition
    • Paid parental leave is for new parents

How much time leave is allowed?

Time of leave issue can change from state to state but generally Paid Family Leaves programs offer 6 to 12 weeks of partially paid leave per year. On the other hand, Paid Medical Leave can provide 26 to 52 weeks of partial wage replacement.

Are workers paid? How is this time off funded?

Eligible workers receive partial wage reimbursement from the fund when they take leave. The amount of this wage equal to a set percentage of their pay and workers often capped on a weekly or monthly basis.

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