Paid FMLA Leave in 2021

Paid FMLA leave isn’t possible under the Department of Labor requirements. However, there are ways you can get paid leave for your or a family member’s medical situation.

Family and Medical Leave Act only allows employees to take unpaid leave. While this may sound off if you’re looking for paid leave, you get to keep your job and your employer cannot terminate you for requesting leave.

A paid leave, on the other hand, is something that involves the company policies. Since these are two different things and FMLA doesn’t grant paid leave, you need to contact your employer regarding this topic. Having said that, you inevitably need to request paid leave for taking care of yourself or a family member due to a health condition.

How to request paid leave?

Although you have the option to speak to your employer directly, we suggest writing a request letter. In the letter, you need to inform your employer about the reason for your absence and why you should be paid during your leave.

You should start writing the letter by including the manager/employer/human resources and enter a title with the reason for your leave.

Followed by one or two paragraphs that describe the nature of your leave and why you should be paid and whether or not it is possible. We suggest picking your words carefully and highlighting your value as an employee. You can also request FMLA leave but ask for your employer to be paid during the FMLA leave.

The bottom line here is FMLA does not grant paid leave. It all comes down to your employer to grant you paid leave. If paid leave is granted, you may not even need FMLA but your job may be at risk. So it is best to value your options and see it through for yourself.

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